Thank you from your winner Lizzie

WOW! A big thanks to everyone that voted for me, I’m really chuffed and amazed. I had a great time answering all your questions and chatting with you all, it was really encouraging to see how enthusiastic and curious you were about science – Quite a lot of those questions I would never have expected!

I’m going to start planning an event with the prize money in a couple of weeks time – Hopefully it’ll be sometime in November or December. It will be to do with all the science that happens in a kitchen – some examples of the things I’d like to explain are the science behind cleaning products (e.g. how they get rid of dirt and grease), the physics of microwave ovens and what’s in food to make it tasty and healthy/unhealthy. So that I can get some people with a bit of event planning experience (I have none) to help me, I’m going to approach my local science museum (Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester) to see if they can give me some advice, and maybe even if they’ll let me hold the event there!

Once again, thank you all so much for being so enthusiastic and interested, and of course for voting for me. I hope you all have great careers as scientists in the future!

Posted on June 27, 2012 by in News.

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